FIMEC | 14/03/2022

FIMEC: ratified the good moment of Brazil

The supplier fair, on its return to face-to-face attendance, received a large number of visitors and important deals were made.

At a press conference, authorities, organizers and industrial representatives of the sector expressed their satisfaction with the results of the fair.

With optimism and general satisfaction from exhibitors, visitors and organizers, the 45th edition of FIMEC ended, which took place on March 8th, 9th and 10th, 2022, at the FENAC premises in Novo Hamburgo/RS, Brazil.

The event brought together more than 280 supplier companies of hides and skins, supplies and materials, synthetics and textiles, components, accessories, chemical products and technology. Most of the exhibitors were of local origin, especially in the leather, materials and components sectors, while the machinery and equipment sector had a 15% share of international brands. Also noteworthy is the notable absence of Chinese exhibitors.

Although the number of visitors and exhibitors was somewhat lower than previous editions, the attendance was still numerous and qualified, highlighting the presence of industrialists and businessmen with decision-making capacity, which resulted in an effective business realization.

Most of the attendees came from Brazil, accompanied by Argentines, Uruguayans, Chileans, Paraguayans, Ecuadorians and from other continents, together with groups of importers from Colombia, Peru, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, invited by the Buyer Project of ASSINTECAL and APEX, which produced a good sales volume.

Causes of success

In a particular moment of the Brazilian industry that is growing significantly through footwear exports, the suppliers also reports a notable growth in developments and exports, to accompany this process. Added to this situation is the international situation, through which many Latin American countries have seen their supply from Asia decrease, therefore, Brazil has become the point of supply for supplies, materials, components and machinery. If such conditions remain in the international market, the Brazilian industry of manufacturers and suppliers is facing a unique opportunity to consolidate in the global arena.

Attractions at the fair:


It was the set of conferences, talks and debates on news and market trends, with relevant content, for the transformation of the leather-footwear sector. They were in charge of recognized national and international professionals, who developed topics of interest such as sustainability of Brazilian fashion; American footwear market; innovation in adhesives and global footwear sourcing, among others.


A point of great attraction, where through the factory in operation -in real time-, attendees were able to learn about the operations and technologies used in production, together with the latest developments in systems and processes. AREZZO and PAQUETÁ were the brands produced. On this occasion, the factory was focused on environmental sustainability and solutions to transform industrial parks to the concept of Industry 4.0.


The traditional space of the fair was intended to think about the future of fashion based on consumer behavior, and on this occasion it addressed the issues of sustainability and digitization. Materials, products and systems were presented within the proposed concepts. Raw materials, fabrics and decorations produced in sustainable ways were exhibited, in addition to showing the complete process of developing shoe lasts virtually.

NEXT FIMEC EDITION: March 7th, 8th and 9th, 2023, at FENAC, Novo Hamburgo/RS, Brazil.


Marcio Jung. Director-president of FENAC

“It was a thriving and quality FIMEC, which brought together visitors with the ability to make decisions. The leather and footwear sector is going through an extraordinary period. I do not remember having lived through a moment like this, of such high demand for the productive capacity of the sector. This was the most surprising edition in recent times, both for exhibitors and for visitors from the entire footwear chain in Latin America. For 2023, the expectation is that the fair will be bigger”.

Gerson Berwanger. President of ASSINTECAL (Suppliers)

“There were US$ 2.5 million deals closed at the fair. We brought buyers from abroad and there are still more than US$ 5 million that will be materialized later, totaling US$ 7.5 million”.

André Nodari. President of ABRAMEQ (Machines)

“Even with fewer exhibitors, FIMEC exceeded expectations. The fair had a qualified audience, full stands, and many deals were made”.

Nelise Gasperini. Commercial Manager of TECNOMAQ (Machines)

“The fair surprised us very positively. We did not expect so many visitors, nor the number of closed orders, since in the fairs, in the machinery category, sales are more delayed. Brazil is going through a transformation in the footwear segment and it is a very prosperous moment for the industry”.

Juan Blanc. Industrialist from Colombia

“I was able to confirm that FIMEC is the most important supplier fair in Latin America. I got to know processes and machines that I didn't know existed, and I saw the Concept Factory work up close. I bought a machine and supplies that will improve the quality of our products, which are footwear for women and children.”

Jaqueline Moraes. AREZZO analyst

“FIMEC was very interesting for us due to the number of novelties and exhibitors present. We have found different products and services that we were looking for. The sector is more evolved, growing and re-emerging in the post-pandemic”.

Fernando Dienstmann. Commercial coordinator of SAZI MACHINES

“The stand was full of people from the beginning of the fair. We served many new clients. In general, manufacturers have enough production and demand, which is why we believe in a strong recovery in the sector”.

Javier Candia. ORISOL/Latin America representative

“One of the biggest searches by footwear manufacturers at FIMEC was for automatic sewing machines and systems. The intention was to find solutions for the scarce sewing workforce, which caused the pandemic.”

FIMEC will ratify its slogan: "The only one who has everything"
Shoes produced in FIMEC were donated

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