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Argentina | 15/05/2022

Controversy over footwear price increases in Argentina

The Chamber of the Footwear Industry of Buenos Aires questions the percentages released by INDEC.

​Footwear industrialists requested INDEC to separate the measurements between footwear and clothing.

The vice president of the entity that brings together the shoemakers of Buenos Aires -CIC-, Fernando De Vito, in radio statements, assured that the price increases for footwear in the first 4 months of 2022 were between 7 and 10% and not 29% as reported by the INDEC -National Institute of Statistics and Censuses-, belonging to the joint category of clothing and footwear.

At the beginning of May, the INDEC reported that the increase in the month of April for this sector was 9.9%, reaching almost 30% in these initial 4 months. And in turn, the comparison of April 2021, with April 2022, gave an increase of 73.4% in the sector, over an average rate of 58%.

In this regard, the leader clarified that it is not a matter of poor measurement, but a problem of methodology, since the two items cannot be measured together, because each one of them has different characteristics. For this reason, INDEC has been asked to independently measure both, where the real rate of increases in one item and the other will surely be demonstrated.

De Vito affirmed that the materials and components for the manufacture of footwear, in many cases, are different from those of clothing and apparel, and have a different impact on each sector and on final prices. Likewise, he pointed out that in footwear there are many especial offers and sales that are not registered by INDEC, and for this reason the real price is not measured.

Referring to the situation of the footwear industry in Argentina, he stressed that it is having a good time, “with the domestic market very high and a lot of demand for products. The factories are working at full capacity. Hopefully it will hold up”, he concluded.

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