FAIRS | 28/04/2022

New fair: the Brazilian footwear industry announced its own event

The first edition will be in November 2023 in Rio Grande do Sul and the second in São Paulo in May 2024.

Changes are presumed in the market of footwear fairs in Brazil, with the entry of a sectoral entity, as organizer.

Through ABICALÇADOS -Brazilian Footwear Industries Association- the programming of the new event was reported, and the grounds for this decision were made known.

After listening to the demands of industry and commerce about the dynamics of national footwear shows, ABICALÇADOS, together with a committee of businessmen, formatted a series of premises for the construction of a new event that meets one of the main requests of the market: the optimization of sectoral fairs in Brazil. According to the entity's executive president, Haroldo Ferreira, some of the criteria for conducting this new event were the focus on connections and business, transparency in the space commercialization policy, a new zoning proposal that favors circulation of buyers, the commitment of entrepreneurs in decisions and the reduction of costs to exhibitors so that, in fact, the optimization of the calendar happens with two annual exhibitions.

For Ferreira, the primary mission for ABICALÇADOS, as a representative of the footwear sector, is to listen to and work with the demands of the industry. “The proposal to reorganize the calendar of footwear fairs in Brazil, aiming at improving investments and business results, entered our guidelines. In addition to that, the organization of sectoral fairs by representative entities is an international trend because it strengthens each sector”, commented the leader, emphasizing that the results originated by the fairs will be reverted to the development of the industry.

“The fair, which does not belong to ABICALÇADOS, but belongs to the entrepreneurs of the national footwear sector, will be part of the machinery for the development of the activity”, added Ferreira.

The organization of the national fair of the footwear industry was the subject of the meeting of the new Deliberative Board of the entity, which was sworn in on April 27th. The group analyzed the proposals of the national and international promoter companies that participated in the competition process, which began in March, and the winner will be announced in the coming days.

Source: ABICALÇADOS/Press Office

SURPRISE IN BRAZIL: ABICALÇADOS will hold its own footwear fair

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