COMPANIES | 19/05/2022

In September, DESMA restarts its House Fair in Germany

​The leading company in footwear technologies is preparing important novelties for visitors from the 6 continents.

​The German technology brand will once again bring together footwear industrialists from around the world.

After the last holding of its event in 2018, interrupted by the global health crisis, the German company resumes its traditional event, which will take place on September 26th and 27th, 2022, in Achim, Germany.

There, DESMA, with the presence of more than 50 complementary exhibitors, will exhibit its latest novelties in technologies and systems for the manufacture of footwear and components, plus a broad proposal in robotics and automation for the different industrial processes.

Among the new developments, the equipment for direct injection of soles on uppers and automation auxiliaries will stand out. Taking into account that customization and production flexibility are key for the footwear industry, new configurations and designs of machines and materials will be presented. Among them, multi-section injection (MSI) stands out, which allows the injection of different materials in different sections of the soles. The Center Wedge and DESwing processes that will provide new design options and differentiated properties in multicolored soles, with a combination of materials.

Another advantage that DESMA technology will offer is resource savings, cost reduction and increased production quality, through robotic and automation solutions, in units that operate in a network.

The manufacture of footwear in controlled and automated processes, without intermediate products and adhesives, with little waste and low energy consumption, generates important economic and ecological benefits.

Innovations for the manufacture of uppers and the "Factory of the Future" designed with LEAN production methods, which minimizes losses and increases productivity, will be other attractions of the House Fair, which will bring together technicians, professionals and specialists, with businessmen and industrialists from all over the world, around the latest novelties for the production of footwear and its accessories.

- DESMA: "Let the robots work for you"
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