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Materials | 01/08/2022

Materials: Spring Summer 2022-23

Touch and aesthetics

Very soft, flexible and silky hides and skins, with an excellent touch. Surfaces that respect the original porosities and textures. Although there is a presence of highly polished and smooth materials, such as nubuck and patent leather, the trend points to the creation of greater volumes and movement, through sophisticated processes of engraving, embossing, pleating or interweaving. Among the finishes, opaque and semi-gloss predominate, such as matt pearly and lacquered, with full gloss being very punctual in some aged or cracked metallics. Reptile engravings are still in force, where pythons and crocodiles stand out.

Technologies to create

There is a wide variety of alternatives to give greater aesthetic content to materials through chemical and mechanical processes. The application of transfers complemented by engravings are frequent, as well as embossing, incisions and perforations. Although the designs cover different themes, retro, geometric and various fantasy motifs stand out, which give greater color possibilities, such as two-tone versions and more as well. Regarding images and prints, many of them are diffuse and suggestive, rather than descriptive and realistic. Blurred and gradients generate movement on the surfaces.

Functional to the season

Contrasted with voluminous surfaces, such as matelassé, quilting, interweaving and fur, there is a wide line of "open fabrics", such as mesh, netting, tulle, raffia, etc., which are very functional for footwear for the warm season.
Canvas, fine canvas, gabardine, denim and plain and printed panamas are widely used, often with special resin and waterproofing treatments, with decorative seams and embroidery. Together with them, technical fabrics with a closed structure and synthetic fibers that give them greater resistance to use, without losing elegance in their finishes.

Seasonal colors

Chromatically, summer materials exalt natural and vital colors, together with a wide range of pastel and acid tonalities, with which innovative and attractive combinations are obtained. Abstract, striped and geometric designs are among the chosen ones.
The preference for thick and voluminous materials, even in the warm season, is manifested by the presence of furry surfaces, towelling, baize, “destroyed” suede, felt, crochet, etc. adding retro and artisanal character to the products.
Elasticized fabrics -neoprene and spandex-, with ripstop continue to be in sustained demand.

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