Colors | 01/08/2022

Colors: Spring Summer 2022-23

This is the new color palette for Spring Summer 22-23

For the coming summer season, the vocation for a bright, cheerful, energetic and vital palette is reconfirmed, with colors taken from nature, complemented by fresh and transparent pastels, and deep and intense tonalities that add elegance to the products.

First of all, although the application of color and its combinations is very varied and innovative, the trend towards single-color designs is noteworthy, which further enhances the visual and structural integrity of footwear.

Among the favorites for the season are the green or "Bottega Veneta", intense, luminous and of maximum purity, along with the "Very Peri", the light blue-lilac, proposed by Pantone, as the color of the year, elegant and digital.

Fuchsia reds, vibrant and saturated, are also presented in a vast range that ends in pastel and transparent pinks, very seductive and feminine.

A set of fruity, fresh and acid colors continues, such as lemon yellow and apple green, and lilac and light blue floral ones.

The orange tones reach their maximum visibility in the neon versions, and lower their intensity in the pastel variants, close to the coral tones.

With its own light, Klein blue shines, electric and captivating, recommended to give products greater identity.

On the classic brown, black and white, the latter consolidate their presence as the best reference of luminosity, freshness and elegance. Black, in addition to its single-color application, is very functional in contrasting combinations; while browns tend to lighten in new pastel alternatives, going through a wide range of beiges, culminating in a sober proposal of "nude" tones.

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