FASHION | 22/04/2022

The futuristic and surreal BALMAIN sneakers created by Safa Sahin

The French luxury fashion brand is presenting the pre-collection of its exclusive sneakers from the Unicorn line, not yet for sale on the commercial circuit.

It is a design that transports us to a universe that mixes avant-garde, science fiction and cybernetics, whose author is Safa Sahin, the Turkish creative director of BALMAIN in charge of the sneakers division.

After graduating in 2014 from Selçuk University in Turkey, Sahin carried out an intense activity in footwear design, occupying important positions at the NIKE headquarters in Portland, United States, between 2016 and 2019. He was awarded at different international events, in recognition of his talent and innovation, to finally join BALMAIN where he develops his avant-garde activity and vision on footwear.

His latest creation was the Unicorn line, a sneaker with a hyperfuturistic conception, with a conical general volume and pointed toe-ends, which exhibits an architectural and aerodynamic modeling. The upper made of synthetic materials, with elasticized laces and opaque and shiny finishes, is contained by a plastic structure in relief, while the sole is made up of various pieces assembled with cushioning properties. The enveloping front part is divided into 3 areas with anti-grip textures, and the heel consists of 2 pieces that work in synchronization to generate a suspension effect. One of them -upper space between heels-, has a hole in the form of a tunnel, through which 3 tubes pass that support the tension of the laces, to ensure adequate foot support.

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